Why I Hate —
Really Hate —
Vacations with Mom and
Dad and the Rest of

Julie G

Me, Julie (circled not showing my face), with Mom
Me, Julie (circled not showing my face), with Mom...

Icannot believe that I'm in New York, like one of the coolest places in the world, with my really embarrassing family! Why is Mom wearing that neon green bonnet? And Billy is such a kiss-up, telling her how glad he is that she brought us here. Yeah right, he only wants her to buy him something when we go shopping later. Ooh-cute boy! Is he looking at me? Oh no, he's looking at the neon colored wind breaker my Mom made me wear in case I got lost. No he's going up to Uncle Joe and asking him about his camera that he's constantly sticking in my face. He's opening up that ugly duffle-like bag he tries to get Billy or me to carry.
Lower Manhattan Skyline

I really do not want to be here right now. I really don't want to go to Ground Zero, it's so depressing. I actually feel incredibly guilty when I think about what happened to all those people. When I go to a place like New York, I don't want to be sad, I want to have fun! But of course, that's impossible with my family.
Oh wow, ground zero is kinda morbid but interesting and of course sad. But maybe more like solemn. It seems so like a church.
Satellite Photo of Ground Zero, World Trade Center
World Trade Ctr District, Viewed from the Hudsdon

Uncle Joe's picture of where the World Trade Center was.

Soon we're on our way to Greenwich Village.Greenwich Village
Greenwich Village, ooh, lots of kids close to my age, cute boys, hot boys, yes! Oh, I love these stores! Of course, Mom has to come into every store with me. And she insists that I try on clothes that are a size too big! God, doesn't she know she's making me look like a dork? Ooh, I like that shirt, wonder how much? Ouch, 65, nevermind then.

Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Viewers

Ooh, another cute boy, why are there so many cute boys when I happen to be with my family?
Okay, now it's Rockefeller Center. I really don't feel like seeing pretty girls way skinnier than me skating around. It does look cool though, woah, there goes Uncle Joe pointing that stupid camera at some skaters. Ow! Someone just stepped on my toes, maybe I can convince my parents to let us rest for a sec, we've been walking around for hours and it's so boooooooooring!

Rockefeller Motorcycle Exhibit 1
God, Dad wants to go and check out some motorcycle exhibit underneath the skyscraper. Maybe Uncle Joe will just stay outside with Mom and... Waite Uncle Joe, Dad and Mom kinda huddle together, sticking me with Billy.

Thank God they want to eat lunch inside. We're waiting in line because it's really busy but at least in here it's not that boring with all the motorcycles and shops and people running around.

Well I kind of get lucky because we have to sit at two separate tables so Mom and I get to sit at a small table away from the guys in my family. But it's still just as embarrassing being with Mom but it's weird if you just sit real quiet, let her talk and space out and focus on some cute guy across the restaurant, then, you know, life becomes almost tolerable. Real soon the food comes, but Mom and I take our time while Dad, Uncle Joe and Billy scarf down whatever they ordered in no time and run over to look at the motorcycles. Uncle Joe, does this dorky jerking motion with his whole body; woah he wants us to come over... I just zone out.
Rockefeller Motorcycle Exhibit 2
Luckily Mom waves him away. Oh God, now he's trying to put Billy on one of the motorcycles... He takes his camera, but some kinda guard grabs Uncle Joe's arm.
You get the idea... Even Mom doesn't want know them.

Fifth Avenue
Yay, finally something I can enjoy, Mom insists on shopping on 5th Avenue — fancy schmancy, there better be something I can afford or else I'm throwing a fit. With the small allowance I get, I can't buy anything! When we finally do go in a store, Mom wont let me touch anything! God, she's so annoying. And Dad and Billy wait outside impatiently, then come in every ten minutes to ask if we're done yet. Don't they know that no girl can spend just ten minutes in a store? Jeez. Look over there's Diesel.

OH MY GOD, why do we only spend minutes in the one place that I liked?!? Now of course we have to make a trip to a museum. And it's the most boring one, Natural History Museum. I mean, who wants to look at dinosaurs? They were dead millions of years ago, huh, that one looks like its made of wood. They're stupid. All I want is to go to the cool places here. If only I were able to go to the clubs and stuff... Oh, I wish I could go out and meet some hot guys, meet some cool girls...If only... sigh oh no Billy's sucking up again. What a loser.
Is That Barney?

This dude ain't Barney.

Dinosaur's Jaws

Oh no! Dad's signing us up for a tour! NOOOOO!! THEY LAST FOR AN HOUR!

Rose Center, 3

I really really don't feel like going on about old bones and stuff but the Space Center looked neat and they had this IMAX Movie with Harrison Ford telling and showing us what galaxy we're in and just how small we really are.

Finally, we finished that boring, stupid, tour. We're going to central park and getting some hot dogs and walking around. Sketching a Portrait in Central Park
Wow, its pretty. I'm starving, it's surprisingly warm. Mmmm...these hot dogs are good. Hahaha, Dad dropped his in his lap and now he has a mustard stain on the pants. Mom's spitting on a napkin and wiping it off. I do not know these people, I do not know these people. Ooo, pretty flowers. I'm sssssooooo tired; I can't wait to get back to the hotel...

Julie G